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Sheryl Hunter (3/7/2021)
-My dog, Willie, has been suffering from a mass that has wrapped around his throat. He constantly pants and struggles to relax and sleep. About 4 months ago, I heard from a friend about the benefits of CBD for her dog and how it helped to relax her dog during car rides and fireworks. I tried CBD treats and tinctures from the local smoke shops, the local dispensary wasn't sure what to use and didn't have anything specific to pets... the positive effects faded and eventually didn't do anything for Willie. About 6 weeks ago, I read about the new farm on the north end of Pahrump that was using locally grown hemp to make CBD products and they had a formula specific for pets! Sunday open hours couldn't come soon enough! I visited Alex and Tatiana and met their cool alpacas, Mocha and Joshua... Alex and I talked about Willie's health problems. He suggested the balm for direct application to the throat area and the pet tincture on his food. Here we are...6 weeks later! I give Willie 3-4 drops of tincture on a piece of bread 2x per day... his breathing is back to normal! I can tell when it's wearing off, and stay on top of it. He's able to get some rest, he's calmer and seems so much happier without any lethargy or sleepy symptoms. I don't love the balm for his neck... he has longer hair and it makes a mess... and the other pets won't leave him alone... they want to lick it off. So I've started using it for sore muscles and aches and pains...I love it! It's not oily and doesn't burn, just a tingle. I can get some rest, too! Willie and I are so happy we found Nature Health Farms - they have made a huge difference for both of us!

Geraldine Marchland (1/12/2022)

I use this CBD oil and balm and no lie, a lot of my inflammation has gone away, my knee feels better and I can bend it more than usual and I don't wear a pain patch on my shoulder anymore!