Meet The Animals



Joshua & Mocha 

 Joshua and Mocha our Alpaca. Joshua is usually the star of the show and loves to give nose kisses and will walk up to anybody.

 Mangalista Pigs  

Meet our rare Mangalista pigs which just had 10 piglets! Mangalista pigs are rare and almost went extinct in the 1990's. These cuties were our first animals brought to the farm back in 2019.

Shelby and Fancy Pants 

Shelby and Fancy Pants are Angora goats they were adopted in December 2020. These two love to get pet and fed treats!


Bonnie is a donkey that was adopted in May 2021 from a friend in town and was a BLM donkey that lived in Red Rock Canyon. It's possible Bonnie may have been to Bonnie Springs. She is still skittish but has made a 100% total improvement! 


We have a pair of peacocks on property that were here since day one. These two have survived coyotes, hawks and all the weather elements Pahrump Nevada has to offer. Our peacocks are birds are free to fly at anytime yet chose to stay at Nature Health Farms because we treat them right and this is home.