Petting Zoo in Pahrump


Like animals and looking for something different to do? Come down to Nature Health Farms in Pahrump! Enjoy the great outdoors on a 5 acre farm with alpaca, goats, peacocks, pigs, donkey, mini horse, rabbits and other animals either roaming free and walking up to you or available to see up close and personal. 

Alpaca in Pahrump

Coming all the way from Washington state we were very fortunate to be able to relocate them to Nature Health Farms. 


45 min from Death Valley

45 min from  Las Vegas

20 min from Amargosa, Amargosa Opera House,  Death Valley Dispensary

40 min from China Date Ranch

55 min from Beatty & Area 51


Petting Zoo in Pahrump just 45 min from Las Vegas

Pet Alpaca in Pahrump!

Meet Joshua and Mocha our Alpaca. Joshua is usually the star of the show and loves to give nose kisses and will walk up to anybody.

Mangalista pigs in Pahrump only 45min from Las Vegas

Mangalista Pigs and baby Piglets 

Meet our rare Mangalista pigs which just had 10 piglets! Mangalista pigs are rare and almost went extinct in the 1990's. These cuties were our first animals brought to the farm back in 2019.

Angora Goats

Meet and interact with Shelby and Fancy Pants as they were adopted in December 2020. We got these lovely two ladies from a friend's farm located in Amargosa California just 45min away from Pahrump. These two love to be pet, fed treats and just had babies 5/18/22.

BLM Donkey Burrow at Nature Health Farms in Pahrump

Bonnie the Donkey

Bonnie was adopted in May 2021 from a friend in town and was a BLM donkey that lived in Red Rock Canyon. It's possible Bonnie may have been to Bonnie Springs. She is still skittish but has made a 100% total improvement! 

Wayne Newtons Peacocks

We have 6 peacocks total on property and one that's made it since day one. Peacocks in Pahrump have many predators such as coyotes, hawks, mountain lions, dogs and yes even humans. Our peacocks are free to fly away anytime unless their new on property at Nature Health Farms. 

Meet Snowflake our friendly Royal Palm Turkey

Snowflake and Snowball

Snowflake has been here since one day old. Snowball and Snowflake are both Royal Palm Turkeys and as nice as turkeys can be. They can be found puffing up at guest and following them around.

Snowball has received over 1.5 million hits on social media and is works famous you can say!


Morocco and Kenya

Ever see an ostrich in person? Now you can at Nature Health Farms petting zoo in Pahrump! We raised these two since they were 1.5ft tall and three months old. We got these two from a farm in Amargosa California just 45min away from Pahrump. They are friendly and very curious by nature and  like to peck at anything shiny, standing out or loose articles so watch out and don't get too close!



Angora rabbits at Nature Health Farms petting zoo in Pahrump Nevada just 45 minutes from Amargosa, Death Valley and Las Vegas

Got Bunnies?

This is one of our most popular exhibits as guest are able to pet a pen full of nice bunnies and guinea pigs. The rabbits are short haired Angora rabbits that also came from a farm in Amargosa California from a professional rabbit breeder.



About 45 minute away from Las Vegas, Death Valley, Amargosa, Beatty and Area 51